Wednesday, August 26, 2015

District Meeting-August 25, 2015

We held the first District meeting of the year last night at Walkley Road and it was attended by 50 Masons.
I met first with the Masters of the year at 7:00pm and together, we went over the plan for 2015-16.  The district meeting was opened at 7:30pm with the invocation being offered by our district Chaplain R.W. Bro John Moor.  The meeting was both lively with discussion and interaction.  After the business of the evening was completed, the meeting was adjourned at approx 9:15 pm.
 W. Bro Brian Adams introduced a opportunity for the Lodges in the District to purchase and be trained on the use of a defibrillator.  Heart health is not readily apparent and, with our demographics, we should be ready to act on a moments notice as seconds can make the difference.  W. Bro Adams will be furthering this initiative at Lodge meetings in the fall.
My next visit will be at Temple Lodge on September 1, 2015 where V.W. Russel Williams will be invested with his regalia, followed by my first visit to Edinburgh on Wednesday September 2, 2015.On Thursday September 3, 2015 I will be attending my mother Lodge St. Andrew's on my first visit as DDGM.
I hope to see as many of you out as possible.  Details of these visits will be posted.

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