Sunday, May 1, 2016

DEPUTY GRAND MASTERS Fraternal Visit to Carleton lodge

It was my pleasure to accompany the DGM on his First Fraternal Visit to Carleton Lodge.  Happily, this coincided the Initiation of Andre Paquette.  RWB Richard Loomes, DDGM of Ottawa district 2 was in attendance as was the Senior Warden RWB Bob Ledingham, VWB Russ Williams and VWB Graham Jameson.
The evening started with the Deputy and I being escorted to the Altar and then to the East by Bros. Prosperine and Boivant.  W Bro Ken Fields presented us to the Master and his Lodge and W Bro Brian Adams led the Brethren in Grand honours.
The Work of the evening was to initiate Mr Andre Paquette into Masonry and the degree went very well and Mr Paquette became Brother Paquette.
After the degree, the Lodge retired to the Banquet Room for an end to a very enjoyable evening
Well done Worshipful master and your team.

RWB Richard Loomes, RWB Angus Gillis, WM Peter Pregel and the Deputy, RWB Paul Todd

 The Brethren Assembled
Current Grand Lodge officers with Bro Andre Paquette and the Worshipful Master
 Banquet Hour
Banquet Hour

Up-Coming Events
May 3 - Temple installation.  Early Banquet - 6:00 with Lodge at 7:30
May 4 -  Edinburgh Installation
May 5 -  St Andrew's Elections
May 7 -  Gore Bay Lodge, Manitoulin Island - 3rd degree for Bro Dave Riendeau
May 10- Civil Service Installation
May 11- Sydney Albert Luke Installation
May 12- District Meeting, Walkley Road 7:30 in the Scottish Rite Suites

 I hope to see many of you in my immediate travels

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