Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mississippi Lodge Ladies night

I always have a great time whenever I
get together with the Brethren from Mississippi Lodge and last night was no exception.  Kathy and I were joined by W Bro Kinastowski and his wife Laurel at the annual Ladies Night held at the Almonte Curling Club.  The place was packed and every i=one had a great time.  There were a good number of door prizes, one of which Kathy walked home with, and the fellowship was what one would expect from this familiar country lodge.  The food was catered by The Leather Works and was fantastic and the entertainment was supplied by the band Low Mileage and they were very very good.
Thank you to all the Brethren of Mississippi lodge but particularly W Bro James Staniforth.  Kathy and I had a fantastic time and appreciated your hospitality.

 W Bro James Staniforth, his lady, Kathy and I
 W Bro Kevin Ziegler and his lady Nina
 Low Mileage
Kathy and I having a great time

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