Friday, October 16, 2015


I had an entertaining and enlightening evening with the Brethren at Doric Lodge last night.   The night began with an early festive board of pulled pork with veggies and dip.   I was brought in under the wands by Bros Merpaw and Ghias-Begloo, presented by W Bro Adam Thompson and grand honours were led by Bro Litvingenko.
The work of the evening was to hold 2 ballots; one an initiation and the other an affiliation for W Bro Chris Statham and to hold a lodge of discussion with the topic being 'Should we Solicit?'.  The ballot was successful for both men.  The lodge of discussion was opened shortly after 8:00 and went on for almost an hour.   The one thing that most of the Brethren are unclear on, is what constitutes 'improper' solicitation.  Inducements or promises of some type of compensation are blatant examples of improper solicitation but there are many that are not so obvious.  It is encouraged by the Grand Master for us to be proud of who we are and what we do and proud to be Masons.  The Custodian and the Grand Secretary agree that it's not improper to bring up masonry with an acquaintance or a colleague and expand on what it is and what it does but leave it at that for that person to think about it and come to a decision of his own free will and accord.
The topic of my paper this evening was the Mellenial Mason and how do we attract these men to our doors.
All in all, the evening was a great success.  Congratulations to the Brethren of Doric Lodge.

                                                                Doric Lodge # 58
                                                     Working Tools of Doric Lodge
                                                The brethren present at the Official Visit
                                     Current Grand Lodge Officers and Masters of the Year
                              W Bro Chris Statham, VW Bro Larry Harvey and WM Jeordie Yeo
                              The newest member of Doric, Chris Statham, the WM and myself
                                         VW Bro Joe McGeough and RW Bro Al Wright
                                      RW Bro Barry Burchill and RW Bro Gary Gossling
                                                                Up-coming Event
Oct 17, 2015 - Super Saturday - Prince of Wales initiation of 5 candidates 8:30-1:30
Oct  20, 2015 - Lodge of Fidelity to witness a degree
Oct 22, 2015 -  Official Visit to Carleton Lodge- Lodge of Discussion
Oct 23, 2015 -  Official Visit to Prince of Wales Lodge - Emulation of a Memorial Service

Hope to see you there

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