Saturday, October 17, 2015

SUPER SATURDAY at Prince of Wales

What a marathon!  We initiated 5 new members into the Craft this morning at Walkley Road.  Lodge opened at 08:15 and by 13:00 we had 5 Entered apprentices!  It was a great morning and it was interesting to see how the team worked better and better with each candidate.  i was very pleased to see that the candidates thoroughly enjoyed the day and the atmosphere was jovial and relaxed.
As I had slept in and did not get there to partake in the light breakfast, the stomach growls started up around 11:30 but as I am in no danger of fading away, I hung in there and managed to get a croissant when the lodge was called off for a break at 12:30.  Congratulations to the Master and the members of Prince of Wales for taking on such a huge endeavor.  Today gave me  the inspiration I needed to write my address for the Prince of Wales Official Visit on Friday.
On a sad note, I received a call from my wife informing me that a favorite Uncle and my friend, Ron Ethier, passed away this morning.  I had to leave the proceedings when the candidates were resuming their personal comforts.  I mention this only because I must be in Pembroke on Tuesday for the service for Ron and will not be able to make the Lodge of Fidelity meeting as previously posted.
                                             The brethren who braved Super Saturday
                               The WM and the 5 newest members of Prince of wales Lodge

                                                            Up-coming events
Oct 22, 2015 -  Official Visit to Carleton Lodge- Lodge of Discussion
Oct 23, 2015 -  Official Visit to Prince of Wales Lodge - Emulation of a Memorial Service

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