Thursday, December 17, 2015

First Fraternal Visit to Hazeldean Lodge

I was in Kanata last night to witness a second degree at Hazeldean lodge.   The night went without a hitch and began when VWB Russ Williams and I were escorted into lodge by Bro Parent and Dawson, presented and introduced to the Master and Brethren by RWB Dario Mancuso and Bro Goviner led the Brethren in Grand Honours.
The Candidate Bro al Sahir was extremely well prepared and did an exceptional job.  Thank you to VWB Russ Williams for accompanying me once again and to RWB Barry Burchill for being at my first visit to Hazeldean this year.
I always enjoy going to this 'country' lodge and last night was no exception.  Congratulations to the WM and to the degree team.

                             The Brethren of Hazeldean assembled after the Passing of Bro Al Sahir
                                            W Bro Bart Seaton, Bro al Sahir andRWB Angus Gillis
                                                  RWB Angus Gillis and Bro al Sahir
                                                    W Bro Bart Seaton and Bro al Sahir

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Dec 17 - Doric Lodge - 1st degree

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