Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Joint District Workshop

Last night we held a joint District workshop on Long Range Planning and the 5 Steps to Application.  While we did not get the numbers we had anticipated, the group that did come out were engaging and participated in many aspects of both presentations.  RWB Charles Singh started the evening off with Long Range Planning and for the next 1-1/2 hours the conversation was constructive and energetic.  Malcolm's presentation dovetailed nicely with the Long Range planning accentuating the absolute need for totally vetting the applicant ensuring he is joining/interested for the right reasons and will be a good fit for your lodge.  There is nothing saying that you cannot direct the aspiring candidate to another lodge that may suit his needs better.   Many lodges are already using elements of the 5 points to varying degrees and we realize that is must be adjusted to the situation and the familiarity we have with the aspiring applicant.
All in all it was a nice night and I think that all left with a satisfied feeling of getting value from the evening.
Thank you to RWB John Forster, RWB Charles Singh and WB Malcolm Goodfriend for all their work in making this happen and thank you to my counter part RWB Richard Loomes, DDGM of Ottawa District 2.

RWB Charles Singh, WB Malcolm Goodfriend, DDGM Richard Loomes and DDGM Angus Gillis
                                                                 Introductory remarks
                                                      Introduction to Long Range Planning

                                                                      Up-Coming Events
Thurs December   3, 2015    St Andrew's (2nd degree)
Thurs December 10, 2015    Carlton Lodge
Wed December   16, 2015    Hazeldean (first fraternal visit)
Thurs December   17, 2015   Doric (1st degree)**with the Deputy Grand Master**

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