Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fraternal Visit to Doric 58

Thursday December 17, I had the good fortune to be present at Doric Lodge when Mike Cadotte, brother to RWB Rick Cadotte was initiated into our fraternity.  Brethren from as far away as Frontenac District were present in what was an exceptional degree.  RWB Cadotte came all the way from London to be a part of the degree and it was Rick who Obligated the candidate.  RWB Cadotte presented his Brother with a Lewis Jewel and explained the meaning of the Jewel to him.  Bro Secretary gave an interesting piece of education at the end of the evening and I gave a short address to the candidate on what it meant to be a Mason.
I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and welcome any time I can make to a meeting at Doric as once my year is over I won't get the chance often as my Lodge meets on the same nights.
Congratulations to Bro Mike Cadotte, Rick Cadotte and the WM and his degree team!
                                          The Brethren assembled at the Cadotte initiation
                                      Visitors to Doric 58  with the WM, W Bro Adam Reid
                            RWB Angus Gillis, VWB Russ Williams and W Bro Doug Robar
                                          VW Bro Russ Williams and W Bro Doug Robar

                                   Before the meeting- The brothers; Mike and Rick Cadotte
                              After the meeting- Brother Mike Cadotte and RWB Rick Cadotte

                                                                    Up-coming Events

January 5 - Goodwood Lodge- Emulation of a first degree.  Tyle at 7:30
January 12- District Meeting Westboro Temple
January 16- Civil Service Lodge Ladies night
January 19 - OFFICIAL VISIT - Acacia lodge

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