Sunday, February 14, 2016


It may have been -40 with the wind chill outside but things were heating up inside the Centurion Banquet facilities on Saturday night!  What a beautiful way to spend Valentines; with your wife on your arm and surrounded by 300 warm and gentle friends.  In addition to representation from both districts there were a number of non-masons there as well.  We had two non masons at our table as well as celebrity guests Micheal O'Byrne and his wife.
Over $12,000 was received that will be going to the District Charities as well as to Rogers House.
Congratulations to the members of the Valentines Charity Ball committee and to all who attended.  This is such a worthwhile event and I hope to you all there again next year.
                                                            W Bro Jordie Yeo and myself
                                  W Bro Trevor Hemmerling, myself and Bro Robbie David
                             RW Bro Charles Singh, Helen Dorner and W Bro Martin Dorner
                                        W Bro Adam Thompson providing introductory remarks
                                             W Bro Dennis Cole home from Washington
                               RW Bro Richard Loomes and myself relaxing during the bidding

                                                                  W Bro Rob Uhrig
                                            RW Bro Forster taking some 'Me' time
                                                                 Mr. Micheal O'Byrne
                                                                 The Mick Armatage band
                                                        The Deputy and his wife Gloria
                                                      Kathy and I had a great time, as usual

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