Friday, February 19, 2016


Last night I was joined by the DDGM of the Ottawa District GRQ, RW Bro Roger Webe to witness David Riendeau being passed to the 2nd degree.  it was good to be back at my Mother Lodge and I enjoyed the evening very much.  There were 4 entered apprentices present and when we went to the 2nd degree, they were escorted out of the lodge by W Bro martin Dorner who provided them with EA education while the degree was going on.
The degree was very smooth and very well done and the candidate was very prepared. 
We completed the work and returned to the 1st degree by 8:50.  The Entered Apprentices were brought back in and we enjoyed an educational piece by Bro Wayne Levere on Masonic Symbolism after which the lodge opened a discussion forum.  We finished lodge and were taking pictures at 10:00pm.
Congratulations to Bro Riendeau on his being so proficient in his proving up, I am very proud of his work.

                                                                 Up Coming Events
March Madness
March 1, 2016     OFFICIAL VISIT to Goodwood Lodge
March 2, 2016     OFFICIAL VISIT to Edinburgh lodge-Lodge of Discussion on the
                             Origins of Masonry
March 15, 2016   OFFICIAL VISIT to Lodge of Fidelity- program TBD
March 16, 2016   OFFICIAL VISIT to Hazeldean Lodge - program TBD
March 21, 2016   OFFICIAL VISIT to Russel lodge - Lodge of Discussion

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