Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dogs of 2000 Charity Table Lodge

Saturday night at Westboro Temple was rocking with the sounds of Masons having fun and doing good for the local cancer clinic.  75 Masons and friends of Masons were present and together raised over $7600.00 to buy a piece of needed equipment for the local clinic.  Since its inception, the Charity Table Lodge has raised over $68,000.00 and has purchased whatever was needed at the time.
The way it works is the Masters of the year 2000 approach the cancer clinic and find out what equipment they could really use and make it their mission to get that piece of equipment - no middle man, no administrative charges, nothing.  Everything raised goes right to the cause.  The 'Dogs' buy all the food and wine for the 'cannons', the masonic Hall Corporation donates the use of the facilities, the volunteers do all the cooking and serving and the Master of the Lodge VWB Devon Fermoyle does his best to fine the brethren and guests assembled as much as he can 25 cents at a time.
Tonight was a milestone
for the Charity Lodge as it raised an all time high.  Great job to VWB Fermoyle and the Dogs of 2000!

  The room was packed!
 Everyone was having fun
 SW Getting his column ready
 Fine collector at work
RWB Ivor Bayley
It takes a lot of work to pull this off
 The two James (the tall one is my James)
 The bar was a popular spot.  A big thank you to Bro Brian Hay
VWB  Russ Williams looking for more soup
 St Andrew's donates $1100.00

 Acacia Lodge
 Eddy Lodge

 St Andrews

Up-coming Events

April 3, 2016    District divine Service - Trinity United Church 1909 Maitland Ave  2:00 pm
April 7, 2016    Last OFFICIAL VISIT - St Andrew's.  Festive Board at 6:00pm
                                                                                       Work of the Evening Lodge of Discussion
April 14, 2016  Installation Workshop - Carleton Lodge - Carp Ontario


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