Friday, April 8, 2016

OFFICIAL VISIT to St Andrew's 560

What a home coming it was for me last night!  The place was packed and we had guests from outside the district present to see RW Bro John Moor receive his 50 yr pin.  The banquet was held at 6:00 and the lodge opened sharply at 7:30.  The Grand Lodge officers and masters of the Year were piped in shortly after.  I alone remained going over the extensive list of Past and Present Grand lodge officers and it seemed like only a moment had passed  before I too, was piped into my Mother Lodge.  Thank you to Bro Jordan McConnel from Goodwood Lodge for piping me in, to Bros Fahed Nesrallah and Dory Badr for escorting me under the wands, first to the altar and then to the east and to W Bro Chris Evans who presented me to the Lodge and finally to Bro Herman Osuna for leading the brethren in Grand Honours.
The highlight of the night was to present RW Bro John Moor with his 50 yr a Mason pin.  It was emotional and afterward RWB Moor spoke to the lodge of his journey that led him here to St Andrew's.
The work of the evening was to hold a Lodge of Discussion and the topic was 'are we living up to the promises we made when wee took our Obligations'?  As usual there were many different opinions and the discussion was interesting.  The Brethren from Pantagenet enjoyed the evening very much and the Master of that lodge said as much at the end of the evening as well as saying he was taking back some very interesting thoughts.
My address at the end of the evening was based on Installation season and while it may be the autumn of one year, the new year for many, is right around the corner.
Lodge ended at 9:20, and after the singing of Oh Canada, pictures were taken.
Well done St Andrew's

The Brethren Assembled
Grand Lodge Officers
Masters of the Year

RWBs Angus Gillis and John Moor

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