Saturday, June 11, 2016

Goodwood Installation June 7, 2016

It was a jam packed and highly impressive group of Masons from all over the province to witness RWB Barry Burchill install his son, Bro Ken Burchill into the Chair of King Solomon.  The was so little floor space that it made it very challenging for the members to move about much less perambulate.  In attendance was our Grand Master MWB John C Green,  2 PGMs; MWB Gary Atkinson and MWB Don Mumby, the DGM RWB Paul E Todd, the DDGM from District 2 RWB Richard Loomes, the GSW Robert Ledingham, myself and half the Board of General Purposes.  The evening went very well with all 3 MWs as well as the DGM taking part in the ceremony.
At the end of the night I presented RWB Burchill with his Past Masters Certificate.
All the Brethren Assembled
 Current Grand Lodge officers with the Masters of 2016-2017
 RWB Burchill presenting a hand crafted gavel to WB Burchill
 WB Burchill with MWB Atkinson

MWB Atkinson and I

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