Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mississippi Lodge Installation of Officers May 19, 2016

Tonight I had a rare privilege of sitting with the Grand master MWB John C Green at the installation of officers in Almonte.  The room was packed with brethren from around the district as well as the Senior Officers of Grand Lodge as they finished up the eastern leg of their Grand Lodge tour.
The Installation went off very well, as expected, and W Brother Kevin Ziegler was placed in the Chair of King Solomon for the second time in his Masonic career.  W Bro Ziegler and I were traveling companions in 2012-13 when he was Master of Goodwood Lodge.  This was a night that many of the Brethren could actually meet many of the RW Brothers that were running for office at Grand Lodge and get to know them a little.
What I considered to be the highlight of the night was the Grand Master and I presented VW Bro Graham Hudson with his 60 year a Mason pin ans well as his 50 year a Past Master pin.  These accomplishments are far and few between and I was very proud to be a part of honoring VW Brother Hudson in open Lodge.
The Festive Board was held off site at the Healey Dome, however I had to pass as I had an early morning the next day.
Congratulations to W Bro Ziegler and his team.

The Brethren assembled at Mississippi Lodge

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