Saturday, June 4, 2016

St. Andrew's Installation June 2, 2016

Tonight was a special night as it was the night that St Andrew's would be forming the team that would lead them into 2016-2017, but it was also the last time I would be in my Mother Lodge as a sitting DDGM.  I had the privilege of sitting beside MW Bro Don Mumby and of course that night my introduction of the Past Grand Lodge Officers wasn't as stellar as it could have been.
The night went well and was highlighted with the presentation of a 60 year a Mason pin to W Bro Kieth Bisset.  This was personally very rewarding to me as Kieth has been and remains an inspiration to me and it seemed fitting that a DDGM from Kieth's Mother Lodge be involved in the presentation.  Visitors came from as far as Galveston Tx and Gary had a special visitor RWB Robert McLeod, DDGM of District 3 in the Grand Jurisdiction of New Brunswick.  RWB McLeod is also a Past Master of Temple Lodge here in District 1
W Bro Gary MacLean was placed in the Chair of King Solomon and after pictures, the Lodge retired to the banquet room for a meal of roast chicken.
A good night all round.  Congratulations to W Bro MacLean and his Officer line up (of which I am one...historian).

The Brethren Assembled
 Worshipful Master Gary MacLean

 Grand Lodge Officers Assembled
 Masters of 2016-2017
RWB Angus Gillis, WB Gary MacLean,  MWB Don Mumby, RWB Bob Tate

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