Sunday, November 15, 2015

District Divine Service

We held the service at Trinity Presbyterian church on Richardson Side Road in Kanata this afternoon and approximately 90 Masons ans guests showed up.  The facility was incredible with an expansive  sanctuary, a huge kitchen and a large meeting area for the Masons and their regalia.  Rev RW Bro Moor once again out did himself and the service was meaningful and kept on time.  Thank you to RW Bro Andrew Graham for his beautiful accompaniment on the piano and to RW Bro John Forster for his vocals.
After the service there were refreshments offered courtesy of the Masters of District 1 with what was left going to the mission.
Thank you to all who came out to show their support for our worship and for our District charities.
                                         Wm of St Andrew's Lenny Storms, W Bro Richard Reeves and I
                            RW Bro Graham getting a feel for the Baby Grand before the service

                                              RW Bro John Moor introducing Bro Wayne Levere
                                           Bro Wayne Levere giving the introduction to Trinity
                                            Angus Gillis, DDGM District 1 giving a Gospel reading
                            RW Bro Richard Loomes, DDGM District 2 giving a Gospel reading
                                               RW Bro John Forster giving 0ne of two solos
                                              W Bro Neil Lloyd, District Chaplain of District 2

                                                   The two DDGM's cutting the cake

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