Thursday, November 12, 2015

Official Visit to Sidney Albert Luke

The night started off with a very tasty meal of Tossed Salad, Broccoli Chicken with rice and a wonderfully sinful cake for dessert.  I had to be very strict with my diet or I would have asked for seconds or possibly even thirds.  The Lodge began at 7:30, the current Grand Lodge Officers were admitted shortly after that and finally i was brought in under the wands about 7:45.  Thank you to W Bro John Ruffo and Bro Godwyn Tchegnon for escorting me to the Altar and then to the East.  Thanks also go to VW Bro Ron Kellison for presenting me to the Master and through him to the Lodge and finally to W Bro Jeff Christie for leading the Brethren in Grand honours.  The work of the evening was to pass Brother Alexander Mang to the second degree.  His work was letter perfect and he delivered it without a hitch.  The night was relaxed and the Brethren at ease.  I gave an address focusing on Remembrance Day and Masonry's responsibility to the mankind to strive for world peace.
                                                 The Brethren who attended last night
                                  Grand Lodge officers with the newest Fellow Craft Bro Mang
                                                WM W Bro Burt Panke and Bro Alexander Mang

                                                                Up-Coming Events
November 15, 2015- District divine Service - Trinity Presbyterian 1817 Richardson Side Road.  Please check the district Website for directions to the service.  Go to 'Events', Divine Service' and click on 'map'
November 17, 2015 - First Fraternal Visit to Lodge of Fidelity
November 19, 2015- Official Visit to Mississippi Lodge

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