Friday, November 6, 2015

Empty Chair Ceremony

What a nice night to be back at my Mother Lodge.  At the request of RW Bro John Moor, I adjusted my itinerary and took a part in the Ceremony of the Empty Chair, that has become synonymous with St Andrew`s and the good Rev Moor.
Lodge opened at 7:30 and among the visitors was a healthy group of Doric members paying a fraternal visit.   The business of the evening was short and sweet as we had a number of our Widows, wives, family and friends upstairs waiting to be allowed in. Including my wife Kathy, my son James and his girlfriend Laura.
The business included a combined ballot for two candidates; 1 for initiation and the other for affiliation (incidentally I sponsored both candidates).  Congratulations to W Bro Bob Conrad on becoming the newest member of St Andrew`s and congratulations to Mr David Riendeau on his up-coming initiation.
The Empty Chair Ceremony began shortly before 8:30 and proved to be a moving, emotional program and was thoroughly enjoyed by the 50 plus attendees.  RW Bro John Forster out did himself with his rendition of `All the Familiar Places`
A big thank you to our piper for the evening,  Bro Jordon McConnell.
Once the program had come to an end everyone went upstairs to a festive board of sandwich, pickle and roasted pepper trays and homemade pumpkin pie.
Once I got home I realized that we never took any pictures.
Nice job again john!

                                                          Up-Coming Events
Nov.   7, 2015 - The Builders 150 year re-dedication.
Nov. 11, 2015 - Perley Rideau Remembrance Day Service
Nov. 5, 2015 - OFFICIAL VISIT to Sydney Albert Luke Lodge
Nov 22, 2015- OFFICIAL VISIT to Mississippi Lodge

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