Thursday, November 19, 2015

Official Visit to Mississippi Lodge

What a night in Almonte!  The Lodge opened early at 7:00 and I was brought in under the wands about 15 minutes later by W Bro Lyle Cavanaugh and Bro Berkley St Dennis.  RW Bro Tony St Dennis presented me to the Master and his lodge.  Bro Don Sadler led the Brethren in Grand Honours.  It was like going home for me.  I received my second degree at Mississippi so many years ago and I am always welcomed there whenever I go.

The work of the evening was to hold a Lodge of Discussion.  The topic was changed at the last minute from Masons Community Involvement to Business vs Ritual and it turned out to be an informative session.  The paper that I had written touched on 98% of the comments during the Lodge of Discussion, funny how that happened.

We closed the lodge and met at the Presbyterian Church for the festive board.  The food was very good but the fraternity was excellent. We feasted on a selection of pulled pork, turkey, baked beans, scalloped potatoes and salad.  Congratulations go to the ladies who prepared this feast.

 I am already looking forward to the next visit to Mississippi when VW Bro Graham Hudson will be getting his 50 year pin in the spring.

                                                    The Brethren at the Official Visit assembled 

The 357s and myself

                                                    The current Grand lodge Officers
RW Bro Barry Burchill, VW Bro Russ Williams, RW Bro Angus Gillis, WM James Staniforth, RW Bro John Forster and RW Bro Bob Ledingham,

                                                                                                                                            Up-Coming Events
I will be at:
Thursday Nov 26        Road Kill Dinner at Carlton Lodge
Saturday Nov 28        Edinburgh's Ladies Night
Monday Nov 30          District Workshop Walkley Road
Thursday Dec 7          St Andrews regular meeting
Wednesday Dec 16    First Fraternal visit to Hazeldean Lodge
Thursday Dec 17        Doric Lodge for the initiation of RW Brother Rick Cadotte's brother

I hope to see  you out at some/all these events.

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