Wednesday, March 2, 2016

OFFICIAL VIST to Goodwood Lodge

A great night was had by all who braved the impending snow storm last night at Goodwood Lodge in Richmond Ontario.  One of my traveling companions RWB Richard Loomes, DDGM of Ottawa District 2 was in attendance along with three other current Grand Lodge Officers; RWB Bob Ledingham, RWB Barry Burchill and VWB Russ Williams.
 Lodge started promptly at 7:30 and a delegation from Temple Lodge was escorted in, followed by the current Grand Lodge officers and finally I was brought in under the wands at approximately 7:45 and piped to the East.  Thank you to RWB Bill Cook and Bro Tyler Moule for escorting me to the altar and then to the East, and to W Bro Roger Cook who presented me to the WM and to the Lodge and finally to W Bro Jim McConnell for leading the Brethren in Grand Honours 7 times.  A big thank you to Bro Jordan McConnell for piping me into the Lodge, it was much appreciated.
The work of the evening was a Lodge of Discussion and the topic chosen was Bullying.  Many of the brethren present had been touched by bullying in one form or another and many good points were brought up.  We as Masons are obligated to provide relief for the down trodden and we must stand up to bullying wherever it rears its ugly head.
I was honoured to present Bro Jordan McConnell with his Grand Lodge Certificate
The Lodge was ended shortly after 9:00 and an invocation was given for our festive hour and the brethren assembled for pictures.
Congratulations to W Bro Butler and the Brethren of Goodwood Lodge for an excellent evening.

                                       The Brethren assembled on this snowy March evening

 Grand Lodge Officers with Jordan Maconnell, WM Dave Butler and RWB Len Westwell
DDGM Angus C Gillis with WM Dave Butler
                                   Jordan McConnell with his father W Bro Jim Maconnell
                                                     DDGM with the Masters of the year

                                                                             Up-Coming Events
May 2, 2016   - Official Visit to Edinburgh Lodge.  Lodge of Discussion on the origins of Masonry
May 8, 2016   - Civil Service Lodge - 50 year pin presentation to RWB Les Richardson
May 15, 2016 - Official Visit to the Lodge of Fidelity
May 16, 2016 - Official Visit to Hazeldean Lodge
May 21, 2016 - Official Visit to Russel Lodge - Lodge of Discussion

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