Wednesday, September 16, 2015

First Fraternal Visit to Acacia Lodge

This visit was, coincidentally, the same night as the Grand Lodge Appreciation Night.  This event traditionally kicks off the Masonic year in the Ottawa Districts and was well attended by both current and past Grand Lodge Officers from both districts.
Our festive board was held at 6:00 pm and consisted of a very healthy portion of roast beef, vegetables and roast potatoes with Blueberry Cobbler for dessert.   I had the pleasure of sitting beside our guest speaker RW Bro Iain Wates and finally got to know the person with whom I was so acquainted on social media.
The Deputy Grand Master and I were brought in under the wands and after assuming the gavel, RW Bro Todd passed the gavel to me in order to convey my greetings as well as those of the constituent lodges of Ottawa District 1.
I had the pleasure of sitting beside RW Bro Richard Loomes, my traveling companion from District 2.  The business of the night was light and consisted of a 25 year presentation to W Bro David Gravelle, a traveling companion from my Masters group of 2012, the Journeymen and of course the presentation of the evening by RW Bro Wates.
The topic he chose was Leadership and i thoroughly enjoyed his grass roots approach to good leadership.  He chose to speak on leadership because the Masonic governance in this jurisdiction is in large part being led by men new to their roles. The bottom line was that in order to be a good leader, one must lead by example, have the ability to inspire and not be afraid to get their hands dirty.  As a Director of Nutritional Departments in Long Term Care Facilities for 20 years, I found myself agreeing with all the RW  points.  If I can get a copy of his paper, I will add it to this entry.
At the end of the evening, the W Bro Stathem, WM of Acacia, presented RW Bro Wates with an honorarium for his presentation which, very graciously, RW Bro Wates in turn presented it to me as a donation to our District Charity; Prostate Hope.  Thank you very much RW Sir!

 Group Shot at Acacia Lodge, Grand Lodge Appreciation Night
Current Grand Lodge officers with W Bro Gravelle
The Deputy, W Bro Stathem and Myself
RW Bro Wates and Myself

I will be attending:
1- Carleton Lodge in Carp on Thursday, Sept 17, 2015
2- Russel Lodge in Russel Ontario on Monday Sept 21, 2015
3- Prince of Wales Lodge on September 25, 2015 where I will see one of my Traveling Companions from the Masters group of 2012, VW Bro Joe McGeough, receive his Grand Steward regalia. 
  I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

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