Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fraternal Visit to Civil Service Lodge

I attended Civil Service Lodge on Tuesday Sept. 8 to witness VW Bro George Chiaban receive his Superintendant of Works regalia.  I accompanied MW Bro Mumby and the Deputy RW Bro Paul Todd.  We were joined by several current Grand Lodge Officers as well as many Past Grand Lodge Officers.  The evening was relaxed and went smoothly.  MW Bro Mumby gave a report on Grand Lodge this year.  Lodge was called off while VW Bro Chiabans family was brought in for the presentation.  RW Bro Todd presented the regalia and gave an explanation of the office.
Bro Robbie David (VW Bro Chiaban's sponsor) said a few words which were followed by myself, the Deputy and lastly by MW Bro Mumby.  After lodge we attended the feast from the east.
I hope to see as many people as possible on Wednesday Sept. 9 as St. John's 63 welcomes one of their very own; Deputy Grand Master, RW Bro Paul E. Todd.

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  1. Dear Brothers, Fraternal greeting. Who is WM Grand Master of the Ottawa District? The Grand Lodge of Santa Catarina needs your contact. Please inform or Thank you very much. Orlando de Oliveira Reis Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Santa Catarina - Brazil