Friday, September 18, 2015

Fraternal Visit to Carleton Lodge

I had a fantastic time with the Brethren of Carp last night.  I was escorted under the wands to the Altar, then the East by Bros Prospreen and Boivin.  W Bro Ken Fields presented me and introduced VW Bro Russel Williams to the Worshipful Master and Bro Downey led the Brethren in Grand Honours.  The work of the evening was education presented by VW Bro Doug Gray and afterwards a short presentation on Blood donations by W Bro Dan Gray.  At the end of the evening I gave a brief outline for my upcoming year and a more detailed plan for upcoming visits.
                                                        Upcoming Events
I will be attending the following events:
1- Sept 21.  Russel Lodge
2- Sept 25.  Prince of Wales
3- Oct 1.     Doric Lodge
4- Oct 6.     Goodwood Lodge

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