Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First Fraternal Visit to Russel Lodge

Monday night I had the pleasure of sitting in lodge with the Brethren of Russel Lodge in Russel Ontario.  I was brought in under the wands by W Bro Smith and Bro Goodfellow, presented by W Bro Dennis Moor and Bro Wessle led the Brethren in Grand Honours.
W Bro Gutfriend and I presented the Past Masters Jewels to the IPM, W Bro Les Luck and to the Master of the previous year W Bro Ghislain Cormier.  The education of the night was presented by W Bro Gutfriend and was entitled 'Why I am a Mason'.  This particular piece, inspired by the passing of W Bro Gutfriend's mother, was emotional, inspiring and pulled at the heart strings of all present.
At the conclusion of the evening I took to the level and spoke to the Brethren briefly about the dress of a District Deputy Grand master and in particular, the cuffs and jewel of the office.  This year I am wearing the cuffs that belonged to RW Bro Robert Rowesome the last District Deputy of the combined Ottawa District.  As we had some newly made Masons as well as a Master Mason from outside our jurisdiction, I gave a brief history of the evolution of Masonry in the Ottawa Valley.  All in all it was a great night and I thank the Brethren of Russel for their kindness and hospitality.
Upcoming Events
I will be attending the following events:
Friday Sept. 25 - Prince of Wales Lodge- invest VW Bro Joe McGeough with his regalia
Thursday Oct 1- Doric Lodge- Degree
Tuesday Oct 6 - Goodwood Lodge - Accompany the GSW on his first fraternal visit to his Mother Lodge

I hope to see you out to some or all of these nights

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