Saturday, September 26, 2015

First Fraternal Visit to Prince of Wales

What a great evening with the Brethren of Prince of Wales.  I was escorted into lodge under the wands, first to the Altar, then to the East, by Brothers Franco and Kaztis, accompanied by VW Brothers Graham Jameson, and Joe McGeough, presented by W Brother  Meritzzi and Brother Owens led the Brethren in Grand honours. The PDDGM from St Lawrence District, RW Brother Jack Smith came up from Spencerville to see Joe receive his regalia.
The evening was light and went very smooth and RW Brother Wright and myself presented VW Brother McGeough his regalia.  At the end of the night and after I had a few last words, the Master closed the lodge and invited VW Brother McGeough's family in, and we presented the regalia one more time.  At the Festive Board, VW Brother McGeough responded to the Toast to Grand Lodge.
Joe and I are traveling companions from the Masters group of 2012-13, the Journeymen and it was gratifying and an honour to have participated in this event.
Congratulations to our new VW Brother!
 The brethren and family of VW Bro Joe McGeough (without W Bro Ivan Harris-photographer)

RW Bro Wright, VW Bro McGeough and myself

                                             VW Bro McGeough and VW Bro Ed Denbiegh
                                                                 The McGeough Clan
                                           VW Bro McGeough and the WM-Kamil El-Dib

                                                    VW Bro McGeough and Bro Owens

                                                                  Up-coming Events
I will be attending the following events:
Oct. 1- Doric Lodge for a second degree
Oct. 6- Goodwood Lodge.
Starting October 14, I will begin my official visits with St. John's Lodge were I will be witnessing a first degree.
I hope to see you out there.

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  1. RW, it was great having you out last night! We had a blast and hope you did too! And congratulations on the blog! Glad to see the leadership bringing the District forward on the technology front!!