Friday, September 4, 2015

Fraternal Visit to St Andrews

First Fraternal Visit to my Mother Lodge, St Andrew's 560
thursday Sept 4, 2015 I visited my Mother Lodge for the first time since being elected DDGM.
I was brought in under the wands and assumed the Gavel.  After the business of the Lodge had been completed, I presented MW Bro Mumby's report on the proceedings at Grand Lodge this year which the Brethren thoroughly enjoyed.
The work of the evening was ambitious, with my visit, a ballot, an investiture, a presentation made by Bro Hopkins and followed by a first degree.  The night went very smooth and there was no summer rust on the degree team.
RW Bro John Forster extended another St Andrew's tradition by presenting me with District deputy's Cuff that belonged to RW Bro Robert Rowesome (the last DDGM of the combined Districts).  For the last 45 or so years, these cuffs are presented to each District Deputy Grand Master who is from St Andrew's Lodge.  When RW Bro Forster became DD of District 2, he received them from RW Bro Doug Franklin with the instructions that when his year was up, he was to hold onto them until another member of St Andrew's reached that high office.  Well now I will wear them with pride for the duration of my office and will safe guard them until the time comes to pass them on to the next DD from my Mother Lodge

Bro Hopkins along with W Bro Lenny Storms and myself presented St Andrew's with two books written by his Brother in Law on the life of Robbie Burns

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