Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fraternal Visit to St John's Lodge

I accompanied the Deputy on his first visit to his Mother Lodge.  The evening began at 6:00 with the festive board.
The work of the evening was to receive the Deputy and myself, a travelling delegation from Sydney Albert Luke, take a ballot and finally, conduct a second degree for Bro MacGregor.
As the evening went on, the temperature in that lodge room must have rose 15 degrees but in spite of the heat (physical as well as all the Grand Lodge Officers present), the candidate did a fantastic job.
Taking part in the ceremony was Bro MacGregor's uncle, RW Bro Ray Dobbs who gave the secrets.
I was happy to be sitting in lodge with one of my travelling companions RW Bro Joseph  Burton, DDGM of Georgian North District.
RW Bro Todd gave an emotional speech at the end of the night after which the Lodge was closed.  All in all another great night.
                                                          Upcoming Events
Next week I plan on attending Grand Lodge Appreciation at Acacia on Sept. 15 and Carlton Lodge on Sept. 17.  Hope to see you there.

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